Plywood Cup

Plywood Cup

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Plywood Cup
Wascana Lake - Regina
Monday, July 1, 2019 9 a.m.
Start practicing your boat building skills! Registration for the 15th annual Plywood Cup is now open.
Plywood Cup is an annual event, held in conjunction with the Canada Day celebrations at Wascana Park on July 1. Teams of four build a boat out of plywood with minimal tools and time then race that boat across Wascana Lake and back. Best of all, the teams do this as a way to raise money for pediatric services at Regina’s hospitals through Hospitals of Regina Foundation. The boat that is paddled from shore to shore the fastest also receives bragging rights for the year.
For more information visit the Progress Club website or contact Travis at (306) 550-8202 or Colin at (639) 571-8005.


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