Minimally Invasive Surgery

With tremendous support of our donors, two operating rooms at the Regina General Hospital were retrofitted to create state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgery (MIS) suites – the first of their kind in Saskatchewan.

The MIS suites allow physicians to perform gynecological, urological and orthopedic surgeries in a sophisticated environment, using modern laparoscopic technology and video imaging.

“These suites offer many advantages,” stated Dr. John Thiel, Medical Director of the Women’s Health Centre. “There is better visualization because it is high definition.

“Also, the equipment hangs from the ceiling so there aren’t any cords on the floor; this makes it safer for staff for move around and easier for them to use the equipment,” adds Dr. Thiel. “This ease of movement may result in shorter surgery times and enable us to do more surgeries.”  

The MIS suites also provide telehealth technology, enabling surgeons to consult with other surgeons anywhere in the world while performing procedures.

Compared to open-surgery patients, MIS patients experience less pain and scarring, and with fewer complications – meaning that they can return to their normal activities much more quickly.

Watch a video about the Minimally Invasive Surgery Suites