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Every year, the Foundation hears from a variety of patients and donors regarding their positive experiences in Regina’s hospitals. Their stories are insightful, impactful and engaging. People can relate to their journeys as many know someone that has needed care in our hospitals.

The people in the above photo represent a reflection of our community. They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. They all have a story to tell. One that we anticipate will ripple through family members, friends, co-workers and beyond. One that we hope will inspire our community to continue to support our hospitals now and well into the future.

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Estevan man is thankful for local cardiac care in southern Saskatchewan
Patient Stories
Estevan man is thankful for loca...

Little did Dave Harron know his decision to accompany his wife Wanda to an ex...

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A tradition of giving and caring
Donor Stories
A tradition of giving and caring

At first glance, Usher Berger doesn’t look like someone who celebrated ...

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Every breath we take
Better Lives Stories
Every breath we take

Every day, we each take 20,000 breaths. Imagine struggling to take one breath...

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Do you have a story you would like to share? Whether you're a patient, donor or volunteer we would love to hear from you. 

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HRF News - Who's Your Daddy?
Jul 18, 2018 08:37 AM
Who's Your Daddy?
The ninth annual Who’s Your Daddy Ride for Prostate Cancer, hosted by 9...
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HRF News - Plywood Cup
Jul 01, 2018 08:35 AM
Plywood Cup
Hundreds of participants and thousands of spectators gathered at Wascana Lake...
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Chinese New Year
26 Jan 19
Chinese New Year
Casino Regina Show Lounge

On Jan. 26, 2019, join The Chinese Freemasons of Canada (Regina) at Casino Re...

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