Gifts of Securities

With your help we make lives better

“Donating securities gives me the flexibility to decide when I want to give back and how much I choose to contribute. The tax incentives are great but the real benefit is knowing I am helping make lives better for people in our community.”

- Norman Beirnes

Your advisor will be able to provide the CUSIP and FINS numbers required on the form and will mail or fax the form to the Foundation on your behalf.

Securities Transfer Form - Canadian
Securities Transfer Form - American

The Foundation sells all donated securities upon receipt into the Foundation's account, with the net proceeds directed to the area of greatest need or to an area of care you designate.

The amount of your charitable tax receipt is determined by the closing price on the day we receive the securities in our account. Please note that with the exception of complex transfers and proprietary funds, all transfers initiated within 30 days prior to the end of a calendar year will be receipted in that same calendar year.

For a personal calculation to learn how a gift of securities may benefit you, contact Hospitals of Regina Foundation at 306-781-7500 or email

Your advisor may direct inquiries to the following contact at RBC Dominion Securities:


Q: What types of securities will Hospitals of Regina Foundation accept so that I may qualify for the exemption from Capital Gains Tax?
A: The Foundation will accept most securities that are publicly traded on any Canadian or American exchange. This includes such items as stocks, debt instruments such as bonds, GICs, flow through shares, shares in mutual funds and stock options.

Q: Why can’t I just sell my shares and donate the cash proceeds to the Foundation, instead of transferring the shares?
A: You can do that and you will still receive a charitable tax receipt for the amount of cash donated. However, you would forfeit any Capital Gains Tax exemptions. You must transfer your shares directly to the Foundation to also receive the Capital Gains Tax exemption.

Q: How long does it take for my securities to reach Hospitals of Regina Foundation account?
A: Most transfers are finalized anywhere from one week to one month. However, in some instances where complex securities are involved, it can take up to 90 days.

Q: I consider these types of gifts late in the year. How can I ensure my tax receipt will be dated in the calendar year I wish when I transfer my shares?
A: As there are many factors that affect the time it takes to transfer securities to the Foundation account, initiating a transfer at least 30 days before the end of a calendar year will help ensure the receipt is issued to you in that same calendar year.

Q: I noticed a disclaimer on the Transfer Form that indicates Hospitals of Regina Foundation reserves the right to decline any Gift of Securities. Why is this necessary?
A: We appreciate the generosity of our donors and it is with great reluctance and respect that we would ever decline a gift. However, we are in the business of raising funds for priority needs at our hospitals and not in the business of securities trading. If a donated security cannot reasonably be sold within a very short period of time, we simply cannot accept that gift.

Q: What is meant by Full Redemption and Partial Redemption?
A: Full Redemption accounts for the majority Gifts of Securities – for example if you own 100 shares of stock and wish to gift all 100 shares to the Foundation. When completing the Transfer Form, you would simply check the Full Redemption Box.

A Partial Redemption would be where you have the same 100 shares but only wish to gift 75 shares to the Foundation. In this case, you would write 75 in the "In Kind" box of the Transfer Form and 25 in the "Cash" box of the Form. Remember, you would also only get tax relief on the 75 "In Kind" shares.

Q: When transferring ownership of a securities certificate, why do I need to complete a Power of Attorney Form? Could I not simply endorse the back of the certificate?
A: Yes, you could use the endorsement method. However, we do not recommend it. Once you sign the back of your certificate, it becomes redeemable by whoever has possession of the certificate and if it is stolen or lost before it reaches the Foundation’s account, everything is lost. With the Power of Attorney Form, if the certificate is lost or stolen it cannot be redeemed by anyone but the rightful owner(s).

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