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The Gift of sight

As our population ages, many people are affected by conditions that impair their ability to see. That’s why, in 2018 Hospitals of Regina Foundation invested more than $100,000 in the latest and highest-priority technology for the Eye Centre at Regina’s Pasqua Hospital.

Recent investments include a new tonometer and tonopen, devices used to help diagnose issues early, and ultimately help prevent blindness. This rapidly advancing technology means opthamologists can identify extremely minor changes in the eye, in order to start treatment quickly and minimize the amount of vision lost.
A new slit lamp was also purchased. This device is used to help get a microscopic view of the eye, in order to identify problems on both the surface and interior of the eye using different lights, lenses and angles. This technology means thorough exams can be performed to identify abnormalities and determine the appropriate treatment.
Another investment includes a new ocular ultrasound device, which uses sound waves to create an image of the eye tissue without having to look into the eye. This technology is used for patients with severe cataracts, a condition where protein builds up on the cornea and impacts vision, while also making it difficult for a doctor to view the back of the eye.

This ocular ultrasound technology allows doctors to provide the very best care, including in emergency situations when a patient arrives with a suspected injury to the eye. Using the ocular ultrasound, doctors can inspect the eye quickly and without pain to the patient, and determine treatment options - all without having to open the eyelid.

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