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Doug Calder suffered deteriorating vision with each passing year. Only in his 60s, he was forced to adjust his once active lifestyle to accommodate the limitations his eyesight was putting on his daily independence. He no longer enjoyed his favourite activities like curling and golf and he even had to pull over while driving so he could read street signs.

Doug was diagnosed with cataracts and was considered a good candidate for lens replacement. As an  an ophthalmologist, Dr. Raul Garcia has seen firsthand the toll cataracts can take on patients and their families.

Doug sought treatment at the Eye Centre at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina. In order to have his lens measured in preparation for surgery Doug was placed on a three-month wait-list that today is lengthy, with more than 2,000 patients.

The Eye Centre needs new equipment, specifically an IOLMaster – a sophisticated machine that allows fast, accurate measurements of the eye that are necessary for cataract surgery. Without this new equipment, the number of patients on the wait-list will grow to a staggering 3,000 within the next year. An IOLMaster measures lenses within two minutes, drastically reducing patient discomfort and wait times; the current equipment takes 20 minutes.

Doug’s surgery was such a success that his next day follow-up revealed that his vision had been restored to 20/20. According to Doug, Correcting his impaired sight was truly life-changing. The limits that had been placed on his life were gone and he had his independence back.
Thanks to the generosity of our donors this campaign raised enough funds to purchase an IOLMaster!

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