GMS Cardiac Rhythm Device Clinic

30 years of Hospitals of Regina Foundation: GMS Cardiac Rhythm Device Clinic

GMS Cardiac Rhythm Device Clinic
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Stemming from a $500,000 pledge by Group Medical Services (GMS) to Hospitals of Regina Foundation, the GMS Cardiac Rhythm Device Clinic at Regina General Hospital opened in 2015.
The donation provided facility improvements to expand the clinic; the purchase of leading edge equipment for digital Electrocardiogram (ECG) testing; and, a new file management and storage system.

An ECG checks how your heart is functioning by measuring its electrical activity. A doctor may order the test if a patient is experiencing arrhythmia, chest pain, or palpitations. An abnormal ECG can signal many different heart conditions.

Prior to the introduction of the new file system, health-care providers had to sort through thousands of faxed pages, sometimes out-dated or inaccurate files, to find a patient’s most recent monitoring report. With GMS’s donation, health-care providers at RGH have instant access to patient reports. This allows them to make fast, timely and informed decisions for cardiac patients, regardless of where the patient is being treated in southern Saskatchewan. Now more patients are treated in less time.
Upgraded and advanced technology in the GMS Cardiac Rhythm Devise Clinic, like the digital ECG Testing Device and the file management and storage system, make cardiac patient care more efficient. This is especially important in emergency situations when every second counts. The Clinic is one of many services available at Regina Hospitals to provide excellent cardiac care for thousands of patients across southern Saskatchewan.

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