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Morsky Family Gives Back In Honour

Morsky Family

Humble, kind and generous, with a loving and warm smile! That’s how anyone who was fortunate enough to cross paths with Patricia Morsky remembers her. Despite a long and arduous battle with cancer, Patricia’s generosity and compassion shone through and were evident in her daily actions. As the winner of our 2015 Home Lottery Grand Prize Showhome and long-time supporter of our foundation, being able to give back was very important to Patricia. These values continue to live on today through her husband Brian and four children; Bryce, Blake, Erica and Mark.

In 1999 Patricia was diagnosed with breast cancer. This diagnosis would begin an extremely challenging period in her life. With typical resilience and her positive attitude never wavering, Patricia underwent multiple treatments for her cancer until her doctors believed that it had gone into remission. Unfortunately 10 years after receiving the positive news of her cancer’s remission, Patricia started feeling some discomfort once again. A follow up medical appointment confirmed her fears that her cancer had returned, but this time more aggressively. Patricia underwent several more treatments and surgeries over the years, and through her strong will, unwavering spirit and resiliency, would fight until her passing on December 20, 2019.

“She was always thinking of others, and would often respond ’I’m fine. I’m okay. Don’t worry about me.’ when someone asked her how she was doing.” Brian Morsky tells us. “Her unselfish, loving and giving nature is why we want to give back to Hospitals of Regina Foundation. If even one person can be helped by our gift, then Pat and all of us would agree it was worth it.”

Each year, our Breast Assessment Centre at Regina’s Pasqua Hospital performs an average of 4,800 breast exams and 600 biopsies. Through their own experience and upon realizing how many people depend on this Centre each year, Brian and his family determined that this was absolutely an area to support through their philanthropy. In 2020 they generously donated over $100,000 towards the purchase of a new Digital Breast Tomosynthesis unit, also known as 3D mammography. In order to help the Foundation meet its fundraising goal for this urgent technology more quickly, the Morsky family has pledged a second gift of $100,000 to match new donations from the community.
3D mammography is better able to detect smaller breast cancer tumors with higher accuracy and fewer false-positives.  Furthermore, the new 3D technology will not only conduct the mammogram, but has the capability to perform a needle biopsy right away if a suspicious lump is found, reducing the anxiety-inducing wait time for those requiring the service. 

“Pat spent a lot of time receiving treatment at the Pasqua Hospital and it held a special place in her heart.” Brian explains. “They treated her so well there over the years and despite being a patient, Pat always felt guilty for needing services and wanted to give back however she could. For her to know how many people this technology will help at the Breast Assessment Centre would mean so much to her. Every donation counts and can make a difference. Our family is only part of the good will from all donors.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Pat in 2015, when she won our Fall lottery’s grand prize show home”, says Dino Sophocleous, president & CEO, Hospitals of Regina Foundation. “She impressed me with her humility and her determination to give back to our community. When I asked her why she supported our lotteries she simply said that she knew what our hospitals do for us and supporting the home lottery was a way for her to give back to a place where she received excellent care.”

We greatly appreciate the Morsky family, and their support of women’s health care in Regina and southern Saskatchewan. Their willingness to match donations from our community up to $100,000 will allow us to invest in this this essential technology to help our health care teams continue to deliver the best care possible to women in southern Saskatchewan, right here at home.

  • Morsky Family Gives Back In Honour
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