Taylor Automotive $75,000 Pledge

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Taylor Automotive $75,000 Pledge
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The Taylor Automotive Group has always been a community oriented organization, and has made a point of giving back whenever possible to invest in the future of the community they live and work in. Their most recent initiative is a partnership with Hospitals of Regina Foundation in support of our new Children’s Cancer Clinic and is further proof of their commitment to making lives better for the people of Saskatchewan.

The Taylor Automotive Group’s new $75,000 pledge will support the Foundation $1.5 million goal to create the Clinic at Regina’s General Hospital. Every year, approximately 30 children and teens from Regina and southern Saskatchewan are diagnosed with cancer. Currently, an additional 160 are being monitored or receiving follow up care. Our new Children’s Cancer Clinic will provide kids and their families with a dedicated space, helping kids to feel welcome and cared for in a positive environment while undergoing treatment.

“Being able to give back and strengthen the community has always been a strong core value for both my family and Taylor Automotive Group over the last 44 years. The creation of the new Children’s Cancer Clinic will ensure that children will receive the comfort and care they need, as close to home as possible” explains Chad Taylor, Dealer Principal, Taylor Automotive Group. “By partnering with and supporting Hospitals of Regina Foundation, we are working together to ensure kids in our southern Saskatchewan community can get the cancer care they need, when they need it most.”

“With the ongoing support of our partners like the Taylor Automotive Group, we can continue bringing the children of southern Saskatchewan the best care possible”, says Dino Sophocleous, President & CEO, Hospitals of Regina Foundation. “Thank you to Chad Taylor, Dale Kane, Dallas Taylor and all the staff at Taylor Automotive Group for supporting us in the creation of a new Children’s Cancer Care Clinic.”

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