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James Healey

At 70 years of age and with retirement on the horizon, James Healey is looking ahead and planning towards the future. Originally from southern Ontario, James has found himself feeling very much at home in Regina over the past 17 years. Consequently, he’s decided to leave a legacy, to give back to the province and the people that have treated him so well.

Understanding the need for quality healthcare and taking care of one’s health is something that Jim is acutely aware of. An avid swimmer who walks to work and back every day, James does his best to keep himself fit and healthy, and does not take any day for granted.

 “Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so we need to do what we can to take care of ourselves.” James explains. “I have been a diabetic for over 35 years now, and while it has been well managed, I’ve still required some care and treatment from the hospitals and my physicians.”

Over the years James has found himself receiving care in Regina’s hospitals for various issues, including broken bones in his feet and temporal arteritis, which is an inflammatory condition that affects the arteries to the eyes. While James was fortunate to able to treat the temporal arteritis with medication without the need for serious  procedures, he has always been impressed with the quality and level of care he has received in Regina’s hospitals when needed.

“One of the side effects of my medications is the potential for osteoporosis, which could have been a factor in the broken bones I’ve suffered in my feet. It was not definitively proven as the cause, but it has been noted as a possibility through the fantastic diagnostic work the medical specialists have performed on me.” James tell us. “Healthcare and medicine are a science, they are fields that are always advancing and ever evolving. They will continue to evolve and require support even after I’m gone, which is why I felt that leaving a gift in my Will to the Foundation was important. It allows me to continue to provide a level of support for the future generations that will after me.”

“We truly appreciate James’ legacy, as well as his appreciation of our work and the trust he demonstrates for our Foundation” says Dino Sophocleous, president and CEO, Hospitals of Regina Foundation. “Legacy donors like James help us invest in the future needs of our hospitals, ensuring the people of southern Saskatchewan will have access to the best local health care possible, now and for decades to come.”
  • Leaving a Legacy for Tomorrow
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