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Regina’s hospitals have made Michael Deren’s life better

Michael Deren

Having access to quality health care services is critically important, no matter where you live. Michael Deren is proof of that. The Lampman, Saskatchewan resident continues to benefit from the exceptional care provided by Regina’s hospitals. 

In a province with a little more than a million people, it is not feasible, or realistic, to have health care services available in every community,” Michael says. “We must focus on our major hospitals and ensure they are equipped to provide patients with the care they deserve. My family and I don’t have health care without Regina’s hospitals.

Over the past 50+ years, Michael’s medical needs have touched a number of key services within our hospitals, including the emergency department, trauma and cardiac care, and surgical and medicine units. In addition, his wife, Georgina, is a patient at the GMS Cardiac Rhythm Device Clinic at the Regina General Hospital, his daughter has received neurological care at the Pasqua Hospital, and one of his granddaughters spent 19 days in the neonatal intensive care unit.

“Regina’s hospitals have always been there for us when we needed them, much like a loving mother. They are always there for you, without fail,” he says. “Over the years, we have had health problems, some more challenging than others. Whenever we have required specialized care and the support of physicians, Regina’s hospitals have been there.”

Based on his experiences, Michael has seen firsthand how Hospitals of Regina Foundation and its donors have elevated the level of care provided to patients.

Michael and Georgina have done their part to give back too, supporting key areas of care such as the Mosaic Heart Centre, the Eye Centre, and cancer care. They have also chosen to donate in thoughtful and creative ways. In recent years, the couple has made tribute gifts for Christmas to the Foundation in honour of each of their five children.

“Giving tribute gifts is our way of honouring our children, while supporting Regina’s hospitals at the same time,” says Michael. “We know they appreciate it far beyond anything else we could have gotten them.”

Michael shares that same appreciation for the continued work of the Foundation and those who choose to support the organization. He believes we all have a role to play in not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of the community and those who require care at Regina’s hospitals.

If you live in a small rural community and need life-saving care, there’s a significant chance you will use one of three Regina hospitals,” he says. “Any funds we raise can help fill in the blanks so that our hospitals are well equipped to provide our friends, family members, and neighbours with quality care.

  • Regina’s hospitals have made Michael Deren’s life better
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