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Dr. Jeff Booker Interview

What is the Mosaic Heart Centre?  “It is an area in the Regina General Hospital where we do all inpatient cardiology testing and procedures. The Centre includes a catheterization lab, the Kinsmen Telemiracle Foundation Electrophysiology Lab, which is the province’s first, and the GMS Cardiac Rhythm Device Clinic.”

How many patients are treated in the catheterization lab annually?  “Approximately 2,220 patients from locations all over southern Saskatchewan will go through the catheterization lab for procedures yearly. Even if you’re not from Regina, you, or someone you know may someday need the specialized services provided here. When things present as serious cardiac problems, patients will be transferred to Regina for urgent and ongoing care and we will be ready when they arrive”

What specialized equipment is used here?  “Our specialized fluoroscopy video x-ray equipment allows medical teams to diagnose patients using catheters. We also use ultrasound inside the vessels of the heart and inside the heart itself to show the chambers.

Does the technology attract more specialists to Regina?  “Absolutely!  Physicians who are in training have often experienced different ways of doing procedures and have used different, or in some cases newer technology. Being able to offer that technology here definitely makes it more appealing to practice in Regina, which is important for the level of care we want to provide.”

Are there any unique or ground breaking procedures performed here specifically?
“The Regina catheterization lab was the first unit in the province to perform the trans-catheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). ‘TAVI’ is a procedure where the aortic valve is replaced with a new valve without the need of open-heart surgery. The procedure takes 2-3 hours to complete with a goal of next day discharge but the typical length of stay is 2-4 days. This is a much less invasive procedure with easier recovery than the previous options that were available, such as open heart surgery.”

Without TAVI what would happen?  “TAVI gives patients more time with their loved ones. TAVI patients normally don’t qualify for surgical interventions so they would, unfortunately, suffer from the symptoms or succumb to their illness.  Being able to now offer a possible treatment helps the patients improve both their quality and length of life.”
How has HRF helped your work here?   “The Hospitals of Regina Foundation has been critical in helping us in the cardiology section. The Mosaic Heart Centre, cardiac catheterization lab, Kinsmen Telemiracle Foundation Electrophysiology Lab and GMS Cardiac Rhythm Device Clinic were all funded by donors through the foundation. The Foundation’s support has been absolutely tremendous.”

How can the people of southern Saskatchewan support the work you do?  “They can support our work by donating to the Hospitals of Regina Foundation, which directly helps support us and our work. Donations are critically important if you look at the cost of the equipment that is needed to maintain the quality and level of care. The Mosaic Heart Centre was funded through donations and it’s through that work that we’re able to provide the services we do to the people of southern Saskatchewan.”
  • World Class Cardiac Care
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