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Paul Hebert

After moving to Regina from Saskatoon in 2017 with his wife, Kim, and his two children, Mitchell and Taylor, Paul Hebert was living a vibrant and healthy life. He was enjoying his job as an Actuarial Consultant, and was a loving father who would instill the values of putting family first in his home.  However, in May of 2019 the strength of Paul, Kim and their children would be tested when Paul suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke.
As a result of the stroke, Paul spent 2 months as an inpatient at Regina General Hospital under the care of Neurologist, Dr. Joseph Buwembo. Paul needed assistance with his breathing when he was first admitted and the road to recovery would be long, but with time, he began some of the small rehabilitation steps needed to regain his life.
“The staff in the Neurology Unit at Regina General Hospital were absolutely wonderful in their care of Paul.” says Kim. “Seeing each little bit of progress, such as the speech therapist teaching him to swallow again, or the physiotherapists helping him to sit in a wheelchair, was amazing. “
After two months at Regina General Hospital, Paul’s rehabilitation had progressed to the point where he was admitted to the Wolfe Stroke Recovery Unit at the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre. Here, he would continue treatment for the next six months. Each week, Pauls’ team of physical, occupational and speech therapists would set out a treatment plan and would work towards achieving small goals. “I can’t say enough good things about Paul’s team of therapists at Wascana.” Kim tells us. “The way they communicated as a team and the equipment they had access to, made a world of difference in Paul’s treatment. Also, the respect they showed not only him, but us as a family, meant the world to us during that time.”
As Paul progressed in his treatment he was able to slowly begin the transition back home to his family. He began by having a few overnight stays at home to get adjusted, and some renovations were made to their house to make mobility easier before Paul’s eventual return home in March of 2020.
Although Paul still suffers from paralysis on his right side and a brain injury, both he and Kim credit the treatment he received for allowing him to progress to the stage where he can once again live at home with his family. Kim explains the Hebert family’s gratitude: “Without the equipment and care Paul received, he would not be able to be at home today, and for that, our very tight-knit family is forever grateful. Most people don’t think about these rehabilitation programs until they are needed, but they make all the difference and is of the utmost importance that these doctors, nurses and therapists are supported.”
“We are so fortunate in southern Saskatchewan to have access to world-class rehabilitation care through the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre (WRC)” said Dino Sophocleous, President and CEO, Hospitals of Regina Foundation.  “Rehabilitation allows stroke patients, accident victims and premature babies among other to eventually live better lives with their families. Supporting our rehab teams allows these  patients to experience the best outcomes possible, right here at home. ”
  • One step at a time
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