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There's No Place Like Home

Lorie Lindsay

A vacation is supposed to be a peaceful and carefree getaway for most, designed to allow people to recharge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The last thing most of us think about when on vacation, is requiring healthcare while away. However, it does happen, as Lorie Lindsay, former morning show host at Z99, found out while on a recent vacation to Phoenix, Arizona where one inattentive moment resulted in a severe outcome.

While taking a simple step off a patio, Lorie lost her footing, which sent her tumbling. The awkward way in which she fell, and the instant pain in her leg told Lorie that something was seriously wrong with her ankle.

“It was such a random, freak accident when I fell. The type of fall or slip that happens to so many people every day, but just the way my legs and ankle bent when I went down made it pretty bad.” Lorie explains. “When I fell, I immediately heard a snap and felt the pain. Then the swelling began almost instantly and I knew it was much worse than a typical sprain and that I needed medical attention.”

 A visit to a local urgent care centre revealed that Lorie had broken three bones in her ankle, and suffered torn ligaments as well. The doctor informed her that it was a significant injury and that she would likely require surgery to fix the damage.

“As soon as I heard that I would require surgery I started making plans to get back home as quickly as I could.” Lorie tells us. “It was a significant procedure, so I wanted to be where I was most comfortable and felt like I would receive the best care. The medical teams in Regina are phenomenal, plus I also needed to be closer to my family and support network.”

After returning home, Lorie visited the Regina General Hospital for further assessment of her injury. It was confirmed that Lorie’s injury was extensive and the best course of action was indeed surgery to repair the broken bones and torn ligaments in her ankle. A treatment plan was then created and Lorie received her operation from orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. James Ardell, and his talented team at Regina’s General Hospital. Our surgical team was successful in repairing the damage, but Lorie was told her recovery would still take quite some time and require extensive physical rehabilitation.

“I’m extremely grateful to all the amazing medical staff that cared for me during my stay at the General Hospital, and am very happy I flew home to receive my treatment here.” Lorie tells us. “I also want to thank Hospitals of Regina Foundation for their support of Regina’s hospitals. The Foundation’s support allows these medical teams access to the incredible equipment they need so they can help people receive the same amazing care that I was fortunate to receive.”
  • There's No Place Like Home
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