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Regina Family Thankful for Amazing NICU Care

Baby Wells

The arrival of a new baby can be a stressful time for new parents during the best of circumstances. Parents typically hope for a childbirth similar to those in the movies, stress free and the happiest moments of their lives. Unfortunately, this is not always the reality, as Megan and Jordan Quest experienced when bringing their newborn son, Wells, into the world.

After a healthy 39 weeks of pregnancy, Megan and Jordan visited our Regina General Hospital on July 21, 2022 to welcome their first child. After a difficult 8.5 hours of natural contractions and labor, Megan relented and agreed to receive an epidural for the pain. However the pain did not subside as anticipated and baby Wells still did not want to arrive. Finally, around mid-afternoon on July 22nd Dr. Rashmi Bhargava decided that an emergency C-section was the best course of action for both mother and baby.

“The delivery was extremely challenging, both physically and mentally. The two days felt like three weeks of having no sleep and no food. It was exhausting.” Megan explains. “The doctors and nurses were amazing during this challenging time, and I truly believe Dr. Bhargava saved our baby and prevented Wells’ health from getting worse. I know that in my heart.”

After transferring Megan to the operating room for the C-section, it became apparent to the doctors and nurses that Wells’ delivery was not going to be straightforward. Baby Wells was lodged deep in the pelvis, had ingested stool and was having difficulty breathing. The medical team had to work fast, and Wells was delivered at 8:19pm on July 22nd, about 28 hours after delivery had started. Immediately after Wells arrived he was taken to our NICU at the Rawlco Centre for Mother Baby Care for further care.

“When I awoke from the C-section I was very disoriented, but seeing Jordan immediately helped me relax and feel safe. The delivery team then wheeled my bed into the NICU to visit Wells for the first time.” Megan recalls. “It was hard seeing my baby undergoing the multiple IV’s, medication, CPAP, cooling machines and other treatments he required, but the NICU team was amazing and very reassuring the whole time.”

While Megan was discharged from the hospital after three days, baby Wells required a nine-day stay in the NICU. Megan and Jordan would visit him three to four times a day, and four days after giving birth Megan was finally able to hold her new baby and feel the connection she was missing. It was an emotional moment for both Megan and Jordan when they were told Wells had a clean bill of health and could go home to his new family.

“We can’t thank the Labor & Delivery and NICU staff for everything they did for us and our baby. They really treated Wells as if he was one of their own and I don’t know where we would be without their incredible support. The doctors and nurses that took care of us are literally angels placed on Earth.” Megan tells us. “The support of Hospitals of Regina Foundation makes things like this possible. The level of care we received just would not have been possible without the Foundation and its donors, and for that, we THANK YOU!

  • Regina Family Thankful for Amazing NICU Care
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