Wolfe Stroke Care Unit

30 years of Hospitals of Regina Foundation: Wolfe Stroke Care Unit

Wolfe Stroke Care Unit
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A $1 million anonymous gift in honour of Jacob and Leopoldine Wolfe, and another $500,000 raised by Hospitals of Regina Foundation helped create the Wolfe Stroke Care Centre.  The Centre features an organized space, outfitted with equipment, and new communication technology to assist patients with their rehabilitation.
A stroke occurs when blood stops flowing to any part of the brain and the brain cells are damaged. Patients who suffered from a stroke can experience a variety of symptoms like difficulty with speech, understanding, thought, emotions, or disabilities. Sometimes, paralysis or problems with muscle movement can result.
Nurses and therapists work closely with patients to help them learn new skills, activities and exercises to help them retrain their brain so that they can recover as much function as possible. Patient’s recovery times are faster, and the length of their stay is shorter.
The funds raised provided patient room upgrades like lifts and electric beds, and advanced technology such as Telestroke. Specialists use this technology to remotely monitor and assess stroke patients. It creates efficiencies because it reduces patient travel time and provides rural hospitals with easier access to specialists.
Because the Wolfe Stroke Care Unit has improved health care, countless southern Saskatchewan patients are better equipped to return home to their families after rehabilitation.
Join us in celebrating 30 years by learning more about the achievements, successes and milestones that have shaped our organization.

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