Hospital Auxiliaries

30 years of Hospitals of Regina Foundation: Auxiliaries establish themselves as key Foundation partners

Hospital Auxiliaries
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For more than 30 years, the auxiliaries have represented the heart and soul of Regina’s hospitals. These dedicated volunteers – working out of the Regina General and Pasqua Hospitals – routinely donate countless hours in order to raise funds to improve the lives of patients, and to help our hospitals provide the best care possible.

That attention to improving patient care begins as soon as you enter our hospitals. Situated near each main entrance, the auxiliary gift shops welcome both visitors and patients. While these gift shops are central to the auxiliaries’ ongoing success, other fundraising efforts are equally important.

From used book sales to craft sales and raffles, team members have always looked for new and exciting ways to raise funds. That commitment has helped them raise nearly $8 million combined for new equipment and technology, including wheelchairs, vital sign monitors and electric beds.

Many people are grateful for the lifetime of giving auxiliary members, past and present, have devoted to supporting people who need our hospitals. That commitment to quality health care and patient comfort truly demonstrates the philanthropic spirit of Saskatchewan.

Join us in celebrating 30 years by learning about the achievements, successes and milestones that have shaped our organization. 

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