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It’s a bird . . . it’s a plane . . . it’s Regina’s strong pediatric services

Marc McMurtry

Like many boys his age, seven-year-old Marc McMurtry is a big fan of superheroes. He and his twin brother, Owen, re-enact countless tales of capped crusaders, from Superman to Spiderman, coming to the aid of those in need.

Marc and his brother were in the midst of another adventure when he fell off a makeshift bike ramp and injured his arm. In the summer of 2016, a number of our community’s everyday heroes – our doctors and our nurses – came to Marc’s rescue after he was rushed by ambulance to the Regina General Hospital.

“My brother and I started crying, we were really freaked out,” says Marc. “My arm looked like a snake. It just kind of dangled there. My mom says I was white as a ghost when I came into the house.”

X-rays revealed a clean break of Marc’s left forearm, which would require surgery and an overnight stay in the pediatric unit. While the health care professionals who took care of her son do not possess superhuman strength or the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Danielle McMurtry believed their actions were just as heroic.

“No child wants to be in the hospital. It can be quite scary and unsettling,” explains Danielle. “The doctors and nurses were so amazing. They cracked jokes, gave Marc and Owen popsicles, all in an effort to help them feel as safe and comfortable as possible.”

From their arrival in the emergency room to their stay in the pediatric unit, Danielle says the compassion and kindness from doctors and nurses was truly heartwarming.

“My boys always shared a special bond. When Marc got hurt, I knew Owen wanted to be right there by his side, stuck to him like glue,” she says. “Hospital staff recognized that and went above and beyond the call of duty for both of them.”

In 2016, Marc and more than 2,200 other children required inpatient pediatric care at Regina’s hospitals. Every year, Hospitals of Regina Foundation invests in pediatrics to ensure quality care is available for children in need. Our many donors and community groups make this possible by organizing fundraisers in support of pediatrics.  

This whole experience really does show how important it is to support Hospitals of Regina Foundation,” affirms Danielle. “Let’s be honest, this probably won’t be the last time we will need to visit the hospital. It is great to know that our loved ones will receive the best possible care thanks to the generosity of our community.

"Marc’s experience demonstrates the critical role Regina’s Pediatric Services play in the lives of children in southern Saskatchewan,” says Dino Sophocleous, president and CEO, Hospitals of Regina Foundation. “With the support of our community, we are committed to building a world-class pediatric program so that our children have access to specialized and top quality health care, right here in southern Saskatchewan. Good health care is especially effective when it is provided locally.”

For Marc, his care can be summed up with one simple phrase, It was the best hospital ever!

Marc's story appeared in our Spring 2018 newsletter. Click here to read more from that issue.
  • It’s a bird . . . it’s a plane . . . it’s Regina’s strong pediatric services
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